Natural Disasters are Satan

Basically I am starting this website to help me retain and organize my memories of a devastatingly personal encounter with Satan. It seems the only up-side is having figured out more about him than anybody has ever seemed to admitted. Possibly someone would recognize the graveness of this situation and know a way to help. Also there is a chance someone could glean a higher/truer understanding of the evil foe we face in Christianity and help themselves. As some of the entries are in stark contrast to modern Christian thinking but are alarmingly true. No longer will people need to discount our father in heaven because they can't explain why bad things are allowed to happen in this world. It unfortunately is the UNHOLY GRAIL. I'm not to sure of a better chance satan will ever let us have to figure this out. We need to discover if improvement in the faith and our world can come from the truth. If you don't already know this link is a step to eternal life in heaven. I've always believed in John 3:16 and that regardless of your age or past you can accept him today.

A beautiful prayer of Salvation.

 This image eerily reveals that the Antichrist of the Holy Bible is real. However it also reveals that everyone since the beginning of time has had the possibility of eternal life. That is Incredible and I know it. The number of the beast seen on my drivers licencse was generated TOTALLY  by CHANCE after my encounter. As time goes on I realize more and more that small things can mean big things. Here is a link to a ministry that is dedicated to teaching that salvation is by the Grace of Christ.

For the naysayers I'll mention if Christ delivers me from this while I'm alive.

On one occasion the car I was driving reversed while in drive and the accelerator pushed, for about 30 feet.( It went  backwards while in drive, read that again until you understand) and in the same city as the Cross Swaying. (like walking forward but going backwards) .The Newsdocumented Steel Cross swaying was after that.

This is serious Both Numbers of the Beast Together He is Waging War and Yes to the best of my knowledge people really are going to hell or heaven.






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